Every Penny Counts

Have you ever walked by that penny lying next to your car as you open the door or on the curb you just stepped up on?  Well I used to do it a lot.  Until one day something prompted me to pick that dirty, battered and oh so soiled penny up.  I wiped it off and placed it in my car console.

A few days later, I ran across another penny.  It was as if they were popping up everywhere.  And I decided every time I saw one I would pick it up.  A friend entered my car and saw all of pennies and asked what I was doing.  I told her the whole story.  Her response was that picking up a penny with Lincoln facing you was good luck. I hadn’t heard that before.

Periodically, I would bring the pennies I collected into the house, wash them off and place them into a jar.  By now, I decided that a penny was real currency just like dollar bills, quarters and nickels.  I was beginning to respect the penny.  At the end of the year, I took my jar of pennies to the grocery store with one of those magic machines that counted all of my pennies.  To my surprise, I had a lot of money.

Since the pennies came to me freely, I felt I should do something positive with the money…and I did!  I donated it to a nonprofit that was very appreciative.  This experience has made me become a “penny hunter”.  I truly believe that every penny counts!

Kate Lewis is the Chief Advancement Officer for Seabury Resources for Aging.  She can be reached at (202) 414-6312 or via email at klewis@seaburyresources.org

Photo by slgckgc. License available here.

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