You Can’t See Where You’re Going if You’re Always Looking Back

During my morning commute I frequently turn the radio to WAMU’s bluegrass country. I was powerfully struck by the song “Always Looking Back” which basically urges us to “look ahead to the future, not back.”

When I feel “stuck” usually I’m resisting moving forward and being present to my life now.  Is this true for you as well?   If I’m spending my time talking about the good old days, or wishing I’d made other life choices so that my life now would be different than it is, these times impede me from living my life “now.”  And, that stuck feeling can be an indicator that I have a problem that needs to be addressed so that I can live more fully and in the present.

I suspect it’s a matter of balance: past with present and future.  I need to take some time to reflect on past events, and see where I am now and where I want to go – and be willing to alter my life’s path when I realize I’m heading in “a wrong direction.”

There are times in our lives when we can look at our lives on our own; other times talking with a spiritual director or clergy person or a counselor will help us see other options.  Resources are available.  And here is a shameless plug: when we’re struggling with an issue of aging for ourselves or a loved one, Seabury Resources for Aging can be a tremendous support.

Here is a link to this song.  Listen and enjoy!


Annie Shaw


Annie is Seabury’s Director of Congregational Resources working with congregations to help them organize programs and services by and with older adults. She can be reached at (202) 414-6314 or via email.




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