Messages from the Universe

I feel like I am getting a few messages from the universe this week that are so pertinent that they make me question my suspicion of “messages from the universe.”  First, I was stewing about something, upset with myself for my lack of perfection.  And what should come into my Twitter inbox but my horoscope for the day which told me that while self-criticism can be a powerful motivator, at this point I had learned whatever I was going to learn from the experience and it was time to move on. I wish I could say that I immediately followed that advice, I didn’t.  But it did prompt me to start some forward movement, see the lesson I had learned from the experience, and include a little self-forgiveness in the process.

Today, Good Morning America host Robin Roberts took an early medical leave and was quoted, “The greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning,” Roberts said. “I am determined not to miss that meaning because through it I have discovered that I have been given many gifts, gifts that will carry me through this difficult time.”

Don’t we all often miss the meaning of things, whether it is a task at work, a family event, or a book we’ve read?  We could be piling up a reserve of gifts to draw upon when things are tough and we need some support

I urge you to consider the meaning of your experiences, perhaps you too are getting a message from the universe.  And you are most certainly piling up a resource of gifts.

Kate Lewis is the Director of Community Relations for Seabury.  She can be reached at (202) 414-6312 or via email at


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