A Winter’s Visitor Comes a Knocking

It was a cold, snowy evening in East Vassalboro, Maine when there came a knock at the thCAG4A4U1door. My father and his sister and brothers, who were kids back then in the 1930’s, watched from the foyer as my grandfather curiously, answered the door. Who would be out on such a blustery December evening?

They could see my grandfather talking to an unusually dressed figure in the doorway. The mystery visitor was wearing a stove-pipe hat.

That was a strange hat to be wearing! My grandfather directed my dad and his 4 siblings to go sit on the living room sofa. After they sat down, my grandfather came in with the visitor. They could see the visitor more clearly now. His stoic and worn countenance looked very similar to Abraham Lincoln. Who was this person?!

The visitor knelt down, took out a ruler and began measuring each of their feet. He was still wearing his stove-pipe hat which, upon closer examination, they noticed was very old and sported a large feather! Neither my father nor his siblings could take their eyes off of that unusual hat during his visit.  He left as quickly as he came and my grandfather never said why he visited or what the visitor was there for.

A few days before Christmas there was a knock at the door. It was the same visitor who came a couple of weeks earlier. Still wearing his unusual stove-pipe hat –feather and all! My father and his brothers and sister watched as he handed a package to my grandfather and then got into an old model T Ford and drove down the road in the snow.

On Christmas Day when my father and his siblings opened their gifts they discovered that they each got a pair of buckskin moccasins! Turns out that “the visitor” was from the local Penobscot Indian tribe and each of the moccasins were hand made by his tribe! Could that unusual hat have been passed down in his tribe since the 1800’s?!

The memory of that visit and joy they got from wearing those moccasins made an impression that lasted a lifetime! As we enter the holidays, I’m sure you can think of many similar holiday memories that have lasted a life time.  During this holiday season I want to thank all of you for the experiences we have shared over the past year that will be a part of my fond memories of the pleasure of being with you here at Seabury at Springvale Terrace.  If you know of others that would like to be a part of our community here please contact us and let us know. We are always open to visitors and their needs when they “come a knocking”.

Mark Sargent is the Marketing Director at Seabury at Springvale Terrace.  Springvale Terrace offers independent and assisted living opportunities for seniors.  The community is just blocks away from downtown Silver Spring.  If you would like to visit Springvale, contact Mark at (301) 587-0190.

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