Doing More With Less

As we usher in another new year, I always spend some time reflecting on what has happened in past years and what things need some more attention going forward.  Life matters are important, but I must also give thought to the nonprofits/charities I care about.

With all of the current political and financial discourse and insecurity, I decided to map out now how I could still be of assistance to my favorite charity.  This would be integral part of my life plan for 2013.  Losing 2% of my salary will have a negative impact on my finances, but I don’t want it to hurt my charities as well.

So I wanted to share my short and painless list of how to help them with less by doing more.

1.   Continue to make a financial contribution, increase the amount where possible.

2.   Volunteer at their special events/projects.

3.   Invite friends, family and associates to attend their special events by your invitation as a guest or to purchase tickets.

4.  Inform co-workers about the charity and suggest that they choose them for the United Way and Combined Federal Campaigns.  Make sure you have the charity’s correct campaign numbers.

5.  Share all of the charity’s newsletters, e-newsletters, annual report, Facebook and twitter information, especially highlighting the things in which your family, friends and associates have an interest.

6. Host an intimate cultivation event for the charity (the audience could be comprised of family, friends, co-workers, associates, church members, etc.)

After giving it a lot of thought, I’m feeling better knowing that my favorite charities/nonprofits will be able to maintain their important work for the community.   It will also feel good knowing that I’m helping them in new ways, hopefully assisting them raise more funds and awareness from new people.

Seabury Resources for Aging is one of the charities I care about.  Please contact me at if you’d like to help Seabury in one of the ways mentioned above.

Monise W. Quidley, CFRE is the Director of Development for Seabury Resources for Aging.  She can be reached at (202) 414-6313 or via email at


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