A New Year and a New Beginning

Every New Year many people make New Year’s resolutions. They make them to lose SVTweight, exercise more, or other commitments that they had difficulty keeping over the past year. The idea behind these resolutions is to make positive improvements in one’s life. Unfortunately, studies show that the majority of New Year’s resolutions, while well intended, lose steam over time and are not kept. Why does this happen?

The idea is that expectations sometimes are too ambitious and therefore more difficult to achieve. When this happens, we tend to get discouraged and our commitment to the tasks or goals we set wanes. When you set unrealistic goals, you are setting yourself up for failure or some disappointment in the short-term.

One of the solutions is to set realistic goals. The other is to break your goal down into smaller bits that are achievable over time. When one easy goal is achieved, then you can move forward into setting the bar higher for the next one to be achieved. By breaking things down into smaller achievable “bites” one can feel a greater sense of accomplishment with less discouragement.  As the old adage goes “Success builds upon success.” Having little successes adds up to achieving more over time, which in turn, encourages you to move forward in attaining your goals.

Residents of Seabury at Springvale Terrace have already made a positive improvement in  life by choosing to live here. At first it may have seemed overwhelming to even consider moving, but as you approached this task bit by bit, you found that it was very achievable. You successfully started a new beginning and gained the benefits from being open to a new experience.

At Springvale Terrace we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals by supporting and encouraging your successes day by day. If you know of others that would like to find support in making positive improvements in their lives this year, we are happy to help them reach their potential in making a new beginning during this new year.

Mark Sargent is the Marketing Director at Seabury at Springvale Terrace.  Springvale Terrace offers independent and assisted living opportunities for seniors.  The community is just blocks away from downtown Silver Spring.  If you would like to visit Springvale, contact Mark at (301) 587-0190.


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