February: a “Bellwether” Month of Hope and Promise

February can be a pivotal month in the year’s calendar. It is a month where we can usually expect to feel the full force of winter’s fury and wonder how long winter will last. Indeed, it is a “bellwether” month as is evident by the tradition of Groundhog Day.

This annual ritual is anticipated and watched to see if a groundhog will emerge from his winter sleep on February 2nd and see his shadow, thereby predicting whether we will have another 6 weeks of winter or be blessed with an early spring.

The tradition actually comes from an ancient European ritual centered around the groundhog-day-usaemergence of the Hedgehog. This tradition was brought to this country by German, and Irish immigrants who then substituted our native American woodchuck or “groundhog” for the European hedgehog of their former homeland.

Ground Hog Day events are celebrated in other parts of this country and Canada.  The most famous groundhog is “Punxsutawney Phil” of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. This event draws crowds and media attention from throughout the U.S. to celebrate this annual right of winter passage.  In fact, Hollywood even made a comedy movie centered on this theme entitled “Groundhog Day.”

Every year, the media converges on this town and builds our anticipation with snippets in the newspaper and on TV asking us “Will Phil see his shadow?” Of course nobody believes that a large hibernating rodent could actually predict the future or the weather. However, the meaning behind the ritual and why it is celebrated has more to do with our human emotions and cultural mores.

The groundhog’s prediction, symbolizes a ritual of hope and anticipation of an end of winter where spring will emerge again from winter’s sleep (a rebirth) thereby ensuring a positive outcome (continuance) and future for all in the new year.

Moving to a senior community such as Springvale Terrace, means that you have emerged from another situation and successfully made  a new transition to an anticipated positive outcome. If you are exploring a transition to senior living, keep Springvale Terrace in mind. Because at Springvale Terrace, we help make positive outcomes come true every day.

Mark Sargent is the Marketing Director at Seabury at Springvale Terrace.  Springvale Terrace offers independent and assisted living opportunities for seniors.  The community is just blocks away from downtown Silver Spring.  If you would like to visit Springvale, contact Mark at (301) 587-0190.


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