Got Gifts?

The other day I was cleaning out my closet and garage (one of those must-do New Year’s resolution things) and was pretty amazed at some of the things I found.  There were the usual suspects, the things with stains and that are were broken, things “toooooo” small,  things outdated, and those other things I just didn’t like or want.  But what was so surprising, in the middle of all of the mess, I was finding lots of loot that still had tags and/or were brand new in the box items. Once looked at and never used items in pristine condition.

I guess in my best “thank you for the gift”,” this is exactly what I wanted”, “oh how beautiful” spirit, I had planned to re-gift some of those items.  Nice things, just not necessarily for me.  While taking a break, and drinking some sweet iced tea, it dawned on me…I can put these new, in the box, never been used gifts to a good use.  I would give them to my favorite charity.

Most nonprofits have a great need for such things to use with and for their clients and staff as well as creating a beautiful basket for their silent auction or banquet event.  So I decided I would start with Seabury and donate some of my findings, perfumes, baskets, art work,  purses,  cutlery, vases, and jewelry to name a few to our upcoming Leadership in Aging Celebration on June 6th.  Can’t wait to see how nice my items will look all dressed up and ready to be auctioned.  This is a terrific way to help a charity and also get credit for an in-kind donation which is tax-deductible.

Maybe my New Year’s resolution will inspire you (and your family and friends) to consider donating some of your brand new and stuck in-the-back-of-the-closet items to your favorite charity.  If would like to help Seabury Resources for Aging, please send me an email at and we will make the most of your unwanted items by giving them new life and making someone else happy during the silent and live auctions at our reception.  Remember, one man or woman’s trash…is another man or woman’s treasure!

Monise W. Quidley, CFRE is the Director of Development for Seabury Resources for Aging.  She can be reached at (202) 414-6313 or via email at

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