Change: Its Inevitable!

This year our organization kicked off the New Year with a new name.  The original name was Episcopal Senior Ministries; but, after a long, thoughtful, and at times stressful process, we selected a new name, Seabury Resources for Aging. The new name honors our Episcopal heritage by referencing Samuel Seabury, the first US Episcopal Bishop. At the same time, it reflects our mission to serve all regardless of any religious affiliation.

Our name change was a part of a talk given by Steve Gurney, the editor of the Sourcebook Guide to Retirement Living and publisher of the blog Everyone is Aging. Gurney talked to senior serving professionals attending the monthly meeting of GROWS on the topic of change and he discussed organizational changes, such as ours, and personal changes, such as those encountered as one ages.

Each day Seabury staff assists older adults and their families as they face the unfamiliar life changes that come with aging.  Adjusting to those changes can be difficult, scary, and threatening, although, we’ve experienced many of those feelings when we changed our name. Through it all, we also found the time to be invigorating, exciting, and full of opportunities.

Have you experienced changes in your workplace or personally?  How did you react to them?  What did you find helpful in dealing with change?

Featured image: Flickr @Cliff1066


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