Thank you, Councilmember Wells!

tommy wells
tommy wells 2013 ward 6 turkey giveaway Councilmember Wells visiting with Seabury Ward 6 Aging Services participants during the 2013 Thanksgiving turkey giveaway

As DC Councilmember Tommy Wells steps down as Ward 6’s Councilmember, Seabury’s Ward 6 Aging Services would like to congratulate him on his many accomplishments during his six-year tenure on the DC Council. On the Council, Mr. Wells was an advocate for a walkable, accessible city–and a special advocate for older adults living in the District. Wells’ work on accessibility and transportation especially benefited older adults in Ward 6. We are grateful for his efforts to expand the DC Circulator’s service route and initiate the “Rediscover the Bus” campaign to improve awareness about public transportation in DC. Seabury’s Ward 6 Aging Services also appreciated the service by Mr. Wells and his staff on our Ward 6 Aging Services Advisory Council–and for his support of our annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway (pictured above). Because of Mr. Wells’ work, older adults and their families in DC’s Ward 6 enjoy a higher quality of life today.

ella houston & tommy wells
Councilmember Wells & DC Office on Aging Director, John Thompson, celebrate the 107th birthday of Seabury Ward 6 nutrition site participant, Ella Houston

On behalf of Seabury’s Ward 6 Aging Services, we say, “thank you” for your service–it has been an honor to work alongside you in serving older adults in our community. We look forward to your continued work on behalf of DC in your new position as Director of the District Department of Environment. Likewise, we anticipate a productive working relationship with Ward 6’s new Councilmember Charles Allen. We hope to continue to work together providing quality services and options for Ward 6’s older adults and family caregivers.

Mr. Wells, thank you, again, for standing alongside Seabury’s Ward 6 as we work to improve the lives of older adults and their families across DC–and congratulations on your new position.


Le’Anetta L. Obasanjo

Le'AnettaLe’Anetta L. Obasanjo, MSW
Program Director
Seabury Ward 6 Aging Services


Read more about Councilmember Wells and his new position as Director of the District Department of Environment here. 

Read more about incoming Councilmember Charles Allen here.


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