Thank You and Good Luck, Stephanie!

care management
Seabury’s Care Management Team celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2011

Today, Seabury Resources for Aging says goodbye to Stephanie Chong as she steps down as Director of Seabury Resources for Aging’s Care Management program. Stephanie has worked with Seabury’s Care Managment for nine years and embodies Seabury’s values of cheer and compassion.

From a photo shoot with Stephanie and her daughter.

Seabury’s Care Management provides professional guidance and support for older adults and their families/caregivers in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Seabury Care Managers listen to the concerns of older adults and their families and then work to guide decision-making, coordinate medical providers, stay in contact with family members, and find, screen, and monitor caregivers. Under Stephanie’s leadership, Seabury’s Care Management has increased its outreach to the Washington metro area and continued the organization’s legacy of professional service.

Care Management @ natinoals
Part of the Seabury Care Management team at a Grass Roots Organization for the Well-being of Seniors at Nationals Park in 2013.

Stephanie will be missed by Seabury’s board, staff, and clients. We wish Stephanie well in all of her future endeavors. And so, we say, “good luck and keep in touch!”




To learn more about Seabury Resources for Aging’s Care Managment program visit Seabury’s website or call 202.634.0020.


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