Planting Seeds of Service

photo_644_20051208Gardeners are the quintessential optimists. Leafing through seed catalogs as snow blankets the ground, they sketch, plan, and dream, fully confident that spring will replace bleakness with renewal. Surely this will be the year they produce that temperamental tomato, rare peony, or finicky ornamental grass.

In gardening parlance, volunteers are plants that sprout on their own, without having been planted, and they also exhibit a certain optimism. Striving for the light and asserting themselves, they are often stronger, more resilient, and more productive than nursery transplants because they chose their growing location. Sprouting spontaneously, volunteers thrive without photo_1998_20061006pampering. Many gardeners consider them an unexpected blessing.

Church volunteers are a little like that, too — pitching up and pitching in as conditions demand and without waiting for a gilded invitation. Pragmatic and persistent, their steady actions embody faithfulness and hope. They are unexpected blessings, every one.

Next month Seabury will host its 2015 Senior Celebration, your chance to honor an older adult whose service has made a significant contribution to the life of your congregation or ministry. Volunteers may thrive without pampering, but recognition is nice, too, and we hope you will plan to join us. The nomination process is simple; just click here. The service of Senior Celebration will take place Wednesday, April 22 (yes, Earth Day!) at 10:00 a.m. at Washington National Cathedral, with a reception following at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.

Happy tilling,

Elizabeth Boyd
Seabury Congregational Resources Coordinator

Elizabeth Boyd, Seabury Congregational Resources Coordinator

To learn more about Seabury Resources for Aging, visit

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