Act Now – Stop Proposed Budget Cuts for DC Seniors

The District of Columbia’s proposed fiscal year 2016 budget includes a drastic $2.4 million budget cut to the DC Office on Aging. This cut will harm older adults and their families in DC; moreover, the DC Office on Aging’s budget comprises less than one-half of one percent of DC’s $12 billion fiscal year 2016 budget. We need your help to ensure that older adults do not bear the burden of undue cuts.

Here are three ways  you can help:

(1) Call and email your DC City Councilmembers before 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 13

Chairwoman Anita Bonds:
Councilwoman Elissa Silverman:
Councilwoman Brianne Nadeau:
Chairman Mendelson:


Suggested script:

The budget for the DC Office on Aging, with the mission to promote longevity, independence, dignity, and choice for older residents of the District of Columbia, is still less than one-half of one percent of the $12 billion fiscal year 2016 budget. Councilmember, the Office on Aging budget is not the place to make significant cuts, it is the place where relatively small increases can make a significant improvements in the lives of older DC residents. We urge you to restore the Office on Aging’s budget to FY15 levels. This would eliminate the proposed $2.4 million cut and allow for the following: $500,000 to prevent cuts to the Wellness Centers during peak hours $ 1 million to feed an additional 390 needy seniors in order to meet current demand and eliminate lead agency wait lists. $500,000 to provide additional subsidized transportation through the Seabury Connector which will result in up to an additional 2000 rides per month through more drivers and extended hours. $400,000 to expand critical services such as case management, nutrition counseling and legal services for high risk seniors.

SAC-logo-FINAL(2) Sign the DC Senior Advisory Coalition’s petition against the proposed budget cuts

(3) Spread the word: Tell your friends and family to call their Councilmembers before 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 13 and sign the DC SAC petition


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