Robert’s Story

Thursday, June 4 is Do More 24. Do More 24™ is a local movement that brings together nonprofit organizations, companies, and people committed to making a difference. Through focused online giving on June 4, 2015, Do More 24 provides the opportunity for people to create solutions to our region’s most difficult social challenges by determining which issues matter most to them and channeling their funding towards tackling those problems. Below, we share one story of an older adult helped by Seabury Resources for Aging.

Together we can change lives.  Your support has already helped Robert who never thought that he would be in his 70s and homeless.

wendyFor Robert (we aren’t using his real name) it meant connecting with Wendy Blum (pictured right), a Seabury Care Manager, who helped him get supplemental food assistance, medical insurance, and a new id card. Wendy also made arrangements for Robert to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), help transfer his medical records from the doctor he was seeing in Maryland to DC, and helped him find a new doctor. She also connected him to Seabury’s Home First Residences. There, Robert was able to move out of the homeless shelter and into the safe, secure supported housing that Seabury offers.

There are so many Roberts in the greater Washington metro area–and they need your help. Seabury’s programs include medical transportation, meals, case management, senior living communities, supportive housing for formerly rsz_home_firsthomeless older adults, social activities, and family caregiver support. Today on Do More 24, we need your help to continue providing affordable housing, meals, medical transportation, age-in-place services, care management, and other essential services.

Can you help a senior like Robert? Click here and donate now.

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Share Robert’s story with your friends and family–click here! 


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