You Can Help Rebuild a Life: Do More 24

 Today is Do More 24, a day of online giving that brings together people committed to making a difference by supporting locally based non-profits. Your gift of 24 dollars provides a formerly homeless older adult with a safe, permanent home. But your donation does more than that. It helps rebuild a life  – of someone who found themselves old, alone, and living in a shelter or on the street.

Since 1981, Seabury has provided housing programs for at-risk older adults through Home First Residences. The program’s three homes provide shared housing and different levels of support for very low-income and formerly homeless older adults.

At Seabury’s Home First Residences, your donation provides a home and long term supportive services including case management, recreational activities, and transportation. We connect residents with medical treatment, public and veterans’ benefits, social security income and, most importantly, with the community so that they are no longer alone.

Seabury’s Home First offers support and housing at a time when there is so little housing available to older adults in need. Today, on Do More 24, we need your help to keep older adults in independent supportive housing.



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