During Hurricanes and Other Emergencies, Care Managers Make a Difference

September is National Preparedness Month and as hurricanes approach the East Coast, real concerns arise, especially for those who have older relatives living alone.

In the past, several severe storms hit the Washington DC area, leaving many without power for days.  After storms, Seabury’s Care Managers made home visits to assess clients and their homes for safety, comfortability, and to ensure that there was appropriate food and water. They also followed up with telephone reports to the clients’ families.

When necessary, care managers made alternative arrangements for their clients. One care manager assisted in moving the client to her family member’s home for a temporary stay. Another care manager coordinated a schedule with her client’s neighbors, who shared a generator with the client, while another neighbor made periodic visits to ensure her safety.

Our clients and their families can be certain that our care managers are always ready to go the extra mile to reassure them in times of stress and emergency. In addition, care managers step in at times of emergencies each year we send information to our clients about how to prepare for emergencies.

What do you do to prepare older relatives for loss of power or other emergencies?  Please let us know.

Click here to learn more about Seabury Care Management.



Featured image: Flickr @GlynLowePhotoworks


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