End-of-Life Planning & Advanced Directives: A Look Into the Numbers

The number of Americans aged 65 and older is projected to more than double by 2060. As long-term care costs increase and chronic diseases and illnesses plague America’s aging population, many individuals are failing to plan ahead and prepare for end-of-life needs. Below, Seabury welcomes guest bloggers from Bradley University’s Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program as they share their recent research.


About the Author
Bradley University has been shaping leaders and innovators since 1897. Continuously driven by our commitment to excellence in teaching, research and learning, we’ve designed our online Family Nurse Practitioner program to expertly combine rigorous academics with real-world practice.

From time-to-time, Seabury has guest bloggers post on our site. Although we welcome their thoughtful contributions, the views, opinions, and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author alone and do not represent those of Seabury Resources for Aging. The copyright of this content belongs to the author and any liability with regards to errors, omissions, representations, or infringement of intellectual property rights remains with them.


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