Seabury Resident Brought Joy of Poetry to Thousands of Students

Seabury at Springvale Terrace resident Doug Lang, pictured above, is an accomplished author, poet, and teacher.

As a Corcoran College of Art and Design professor for 37 years, Doug made a huge impression on thousands of students as well as on the literary scene in DC. His dedication and passion while teaching changed his students’ lives. One student commented:

Doug Lang has opened my eyes to a whole other side of creative writing and poetry I never thought I would be interested in. He’s caring and very passionate about what he does, and he took a liking to my poems. Since then I have been writing poems or Niyku’s as I like to call them.

Doug Lang is my inspiration.

Born in Wales in 1941 to a working class family, Doug had a voracious appetite for learning and a nimble intellect. Early in his life he fell in love with books, movies, and music. This hunger for education didn’t immediately connect with formal education, possibly because of the extreme poverty he grew up in. He was kicked out of one primary school and dropped out of another.  In spite of or maybe because of his lack of formal education, Doug was self-taught.

In 1973, Doug married an American poet and moved to the United States. After arriving in DC, Doug became a catalyst for the Washington poetry scene. He also ran a nationally celebrated poetry reading series and was well known for his fierce linguistic energy and technical skill.

Listen to Doug read one of his poems at American University here.

Seabury at Springvale Terrace is one of Seabury’s three senior living communities, learn more about our housing options online.


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